Just in 2018 alone, Mobile Dental Xpress Wellness and Nutrition provided "Free" Dental Services to hundreds of long term care facilities Residents, Veterans and Seniors in our community.  These free services include but were not limited to...

  • Over 150 "Free" Dentures
  • Over 350 "Free" Oral Cancer Screenings
  • Health Care Training for:
    • Nursing Home Staff
    • Senior Events
    • Senior Centers
    • Community Events
    • Assisted Living Facilities

​​Testimonials from Residents who have been approved to received "Free" dental services; dentures, partials, cleanings.  Please Donate to help assist our residents in need.  Thank You.  

Thank You for your contributions, assistance and donations and for giving back to our community!

Approved for  Free Dentures - Before

Video Testimonials!

Approved for  Free Dentures - After

In-Kind, Cash and Mystery Donations

Approved for Free Dentures - Before

Thank You & Testimonials!

Mobile Dental Xpress Wellness and Nutrition, Inc.